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Bitte schicken sie folgenden Appell - in Englisch - per separater E-mail an die Stadt und das Ministerium:
Please send this appeal by separate email to the Town and the Ministry below:


                Appeal to all officials regarding the animal shelter LOZNICA

         STOP the suffering and mistreatment of animals in the shelter of Loznica -

                     EXCHANGE the brutal members of the shelter staff

         Ensure that the shelter is run according to the Serbian animal welfare laws.

Mr. Vidoje Petrović - Mayor of Loznica

Mr. Jovan Todorović
mail sekretarice: Mrs. S. Mirkovic
Mrs. Vesna Stefanovic
Mr. Zoran Erić -  načelnik inspekcijske komunalne delatnost
Republički vet inspektor je
Director of Animal shelter : Naš dom Mr. Milan Jakšić


The Ministry - ODGOVORNA LICA U MINISTARSTVU I VETERINI:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

In spite of the city administration's public denials there is irrefutable evidence that the animal shelter in Loznica is a place of sheer horror.

It is massively overcrowded - the space originally designed for 100 - max 150 dogs is now housing around 300 dogs - and members of the current staff resort to the most brutal treatment to keep the animals under control - from hitting them with shovels, stomping to death newborn puppies, pushing water pipes down the dogs throats and turning on the water fully, so the dogs almost choke to death to an alcoholic warden who relishes in mistreating the animals.

Thrice too many dogs are crammed into the shelter, unneutered males and females are mating, animals are malneurished, fresh water is scarse, animals fighting for their survival are being bitten, injured, left to die or killed by their fellow creatures. Dead dogs lying around among other dogs and puppies. Many dogs have diseases from parasites, infections are not treated and spreading. Seriously ill and injured dogs are left untreated.  All this has been regularly reported to you by the local animal rescue organisation Ljuna over years and recently documented by the independent dog trainer Mr. Bojan Stojanovic. He visited the shelter and immediately realized that the dogs are being terrorized and mistreated. The shelter staff admitted this saying they have no other way "of controlling the overcrowded shelter". Ref.

For years the organisation Lunja Loznica and a number of Austrian and German organisations have helped the shelter with sponsoring dog houses, vaccinations, tick treatment and medication against parasites and most of all a steady food supply.

But all requests to cooperate with the city and shelter administration and all offers for free-of-charge castrations and medical treatment of the animals have remained unanswered so far.  Till yesterday a meeting with independent animal experts trying to enter into a serious conversation with the city administration has been postponed indefinitely.  All the city administration of Loznica so far has offered are misrepresentation of facts and ignorance.

This is not going to improve matters. We urge all concerned to immediately exchange the brutal staff members, and enter into serious talks with all Serbian and European animal protectors who have been offering their advice and help unconditionally and free of charge. They are willing and able to provide better sanitary and medical support and are keen to improve the overall conditions in the shelter. Almost every South European country has 2.5 Million strays they need to take care of. No country can master this task alone, this is a truly European challenge. You can make a start by seriously considering to cooperate with all those who have offered help.

We look forward to hearing from you,

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